How to Improve Your Order Management System

When business starts to pick up, what was previously easily accomplished and managed in your basement, might start to pile up and get complicated. A lot of businesses are not prepared to face higher demand due to insufficient initial planning or drastic order increase due to a successful marketing campaign. All of a sudden, customers are kept waiting, orders get mixed up, inventory is a pile of mess, some products get returned, some products get damaged, some contractors or suppliers demand their late payments… It’s not a pretty picture, especially when you don’t have a whole team of professionals to handle these issues for you. In fact, the situation might become so overwhelming that you may feel the urge to abandon the business altogether.

Don’t take such drastic measures just yet. There are some strategies that can salvage the disaster and put the order process back on track.

Improve reaction time

Sometimes all it takes for a process to run smoothly is your reaction time to an incoming order or request. Has an order just been registered? Communicate it immediately down the order processing chain. Forward the order to your warehouse or fulfilment service provider. Don’t wait for orders to accumulate or execute them in bulk. Is there an incoming complaint or request pertaining to an existing order? Don’t wait to solve a customer’s problem until you have checked off all the other items on your to-do list. Having an efficient customer service team or system ensures you don’t lose customers, even if something goes wrong with an order.

Automate the process

Think about the cost and labor you would save by integrating an order management system, such as Carta to automate the entire ordering process. Such a software solution will make sure all inventory numbers are accurate, orders are handled in a timely manner, payments are issued or processed appropriately and within deadlines, etc., without having to pay for extra staff.

Use reporting features

Most order management systems come equipped with sophisticated, yet intuitive reporting features. Use the available graphs, charts and other visuals and data to track sales, make projections, determine bestsellers, and monitor customer retention and satisfaction. These features will provide returned products and order cancellation at a glance, and will also handle and apply all discounts and special campaigns you are implementing for certain products or periods.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait to run out of a product to start thinking about stocking up on it. Don’t wait for a batch to spoil before announcing a clearance. Use the reporting features mentioned above to plan projected sales, as well as to make informed decisions about the lines of products you offer. Schedule all payments to suppliers at the beginning of each financial period to avoid running out of funds at the last possible moment and having to compromise your business relationships with late payments or defaulting on a payment.

You might think that these suggestions are simply not applicable for a small home-based business, but a bit of forward planning might actually help speed up your business growth, so it is worth looking into.

Is Gmail Fax Really Free?

Among the hundreds of news around the globe which we usually read online, or in the newspapers, or hear from the radio or TV, not many of them really surprise us because they do not have much implication to our daily lives. Yet, when we hear that we can fax for free using Google fax, many of us are really surprised, considering the fact that many of us often send and receive faxes every day. Is Google really diversifying to online fax servicing, and rivaling the online giants such as RingCentral and Nextiva? Likewise, is Google going to give us a reprieve from the monthly additional bills we pay to our cloud service providers for availing of their online fax service? Before we jump to our feet upon hearing this great news, let us take a closer look into this matter to know exactly what the real score is. It may be a rumor or a half-truth.

Is Gmail Fax for Free?

The concept of free faxing using our Google account has some truth in it. You can really send and receive faxes right from your gmail account. It is an awesome and a very convenient way to send fax. It is also really good news for those who are always using their gmail account. But is it really free if we use Google fax? Are we no longer going to pay our current online fax service provider if we fax using Google? I guess in this junction, I need to clarify what is free and what is not. The statement that Google fax is free is a half-truth. It is free in relation to the use of our Google account because our Google account is basically free. But we can only send and receive faxes using our account in Google if we already have an existing online fax service provider. If we only have a gmail account and haven’t subscribed yet to an online fax service provider, we can never really send any fax using our email. The reason is that when we subscribe to one of these online fax services, we are given an online application form, and are asked to go to the Outbound Fax Settings under the Settings of that form. Under the Faxes Sent via Email, we are asked to type in the email account we want to connect to our online fax service provider. Only when we have typed in our gmail account as our primary email address can we send and receive faxes using your gmail account.

Is there Any Way to Fax for Free Using Our Gmail Account?

If you are enterprising enough, you can a bit circumvent the rules and take advantage of the free trials provided by these online fax service providers. Here’s how to do it. First, you take advantage of their one-month free trials. You will be given a virtual fax number which you can connect to your Google account during this free trial period. This thirty days free trial can surely let you fax from gmail for free using the virtual number provided you by the service provider. However, this will only be for one month, and when the free trial period is over, you will need to subscribe to their service for a fee.


How to Shop for Devices Online

There are a number of things you can do to guarantee that you get to live an easier life. The amount of work you need to be able to deal with on a daily basis can be readily managed if you choose to utilize certain tools that grant your routine a much needed sense of ease and comfort. Over the years, several people have turned to the increased utilization of electronic devices to simplify a variety of basic chores and hasten the accomplishment of important tasks. The significant leaps made in the field of technology have resulted in the simplification of tasks that used to take us a considerable amount of time and effort to properly execute. There are a variety of ways available to track down the device you need to address your particular configuration of expectations. The quickest way available for consumers to look for electronic devices is to go through the services offered by the internet. The online market place is rife with a variety of retailers you can choose to acquire certain goods from. The online shopping movement requires you to be well informed about certain practices before you can make purchases with confidence. Let’s take a look at a few things you have to do before you can guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy a secure online shopping experience.

The first step you need to carry out is to extract pertinent information about a particular online store before you proceed to make a purchase. Always remember that you must be able to keep your personal information secure throughout the process of making purchases over the web. Acquaint yourself with the security policy that a certain shop possesses when it comes to making online transactions. Always make it a point for you to purchase your devices from a place with sophisticated encryption technology in place. This prevents your information from being used by people who are out to defraud you.

There is a great need for you to look at a variety of shops before you can make a purchase decision with finality. People who are looking to purchase servers for their businesses need to look for web pages similar to buy hp servers. Compare the price lists of various operations before you commit yourself to purchasing an item from a certain retailer. This can give you a greater sense of awareness when it comes to discounts and cost effective deals.

Do not feel pressured to make a decision immediately. Take as much time as you need to be able to locate the place that offers you the best deal for the preferences and requirements that you may possess. It is imperative for you to avoid going for the first place that you encounter during your search. Be exhaustive throughout your online shopping experience. Research and a little bit of work is a good way for you to ensure that you get to acquire the device that you need without incident.